Trieste Città della Scienza

Porto Vecchio



This is one of the most precious industrial archaeology structures of the Porto Vecchio (Old Port) of Trieste, because, within, it preserves all the original machines and plant, now perfectly restored. The headquarters of Esof 2020 “Trieste European City of Science”, this structure was formerly used for the transformation of the electrical energy that served the Hydrodynamics Plant and the other structures of the port.

The substation consists of two main “L”-shaped buildings: the first housed the switch room and the 27000 V busbar hall respectively on two levels; in the second building there was the main entrance, a double-height hall with the two different low and medium voltage panels, and technical rooms behind.

It was built around 1913 and despite being an industrial artefact, austere decorative elements were added, such as the floors and the iron columns..

Together with the Hydrodynamics Centre, the Electrical Substation forms the Museums Group of the Porto Vecchio of Trieste, and can be visited thanks to the local section of Italia Nostra.

The choice of Porto Vecchio for Esof 2020 falls within the framework of a broader revival of the old Austrian port, decommissioned for many years, and its transition to a pro-active area, strategically proposed as a sort of ‘Trieste valley’, projected towards innovation and the future.