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Grotta Gigante

Grotta Gigante

The hidden immensity of the Grotta Gigante (literally, the “Giant Cave”) gives all visitors an exciting, unique subterranean experience.

By bus, route no. 42 (Trieste, piazza Oberdan – Opicina) to the Borgo Grotta Gigante stop; Note: check the time on the website (, as not all the buses pass through Borgo Grotta Gigante.
By train: to Trieste Centrale station, then take bus 42 (terminus in Piazza Oberdan, 800 metres from the station); alternatively by bus 4 (terminus in the same square) to Opicina and successively (about 4 km) by route 42 or by taxi.

A trained guide accompanies visitors for about an hour along an 850-metre route.

From the visitor centre, a natural entrance leads to the first tunnel: from here the descent is divided into ramps made safe by solid railings and anti-slip paving.

The deepest point reached by the tourist route is 101.10 meters below the entrance. The trail goes past thousands of limestone formations, while the guide introduces the visitor to a knowledge of the underground world, revealing the secrets of the formation of the karst cavities, their evolution and illustrating the characteristics of the principal speleothems (stalactites, stalagmites, columns…).

The visit continues in the “Altar room”, a smaller space from which you can see the entrance to the “Secret Cave”, a side tunnel that leads via a series of vertical potholes to a depth of -252 metres.

The ascent begins along the “Carlo Finocchiaro” path, a panoramic staircase that offers a spectacular view of the entire cavity. It then continues through an artificial tunnel dug into the rock, which leads visitors to the Belvedere, an astonishing terrace inside the cave from which you can look out at 95 metres above the Great Cavern.

Various activities are offered to the school groups visiting the Grotta Gigante.VGuided tour of the cave, where a trained guide introduces the students to a knowledge of the underground karst world and its formation, as well as explaining how scientists use the cave to study the movements of the earth’s crust.
Alongside the usual workshops, the educational offer for the current year is enriched with new proposals introducing two new disciplines: archaeology and paleoanthropology. 
Each workshop is aimed at specific levels of education for visiting classes, from primary school to first and second-level secondary schools.
And for everyone’s enjoyment, there are climbing lessons, with the assistance of expert staff on an artificial outdoor wall.

The cave can be visited every hour only with a guided tour; for safety reasons tourists cannot have access to the cave by themselves. Timetables may vary according to visitor numbers, time of the year or in the case of events organised inside the cave.

Full € 12,00
Reduced € 9,00

Schools € 5,00